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24 Feb How to Keep Your Toaster Toasting
Rishabh 0 27
Aside from your coffee, the smell of fresh toast is probably the other most welcome part of morning breakfast. Or maybe it’s the afternoon, and you’re toasting bread for some quick lunchtime sandwiches.Whichever it is, you’re probably grateful for y..
19 Feb Getting The Most Out of Your Coffee Maker
Rishabh 0 94
Of all the appliances in the modern kitchen, your coffee maker probably has a special place for you. It’s not hard to see why; we all need our coffee, after all.Here are some tips to get the best use out of your AFRA coffee maker and get a great tast..
27 May Delicious Oatmeal Recipes for Breakfast
Rishabh 0 1396
Oatmeal might seem like a modern invention by the health conscious, but did you know that it’s been around for hundreds of years already? With one hundred percent whole grain and high fiber content, it’s no wonder oatmeal is the breakfast dish of cho..
25 Jan Hair Drying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Rishabh 0 395
Whether you’re a veteran hair stylist or a complete novice, you must have felt the same frustration after putting a great deal of time and effort into blow drying your hair, only to wind up with a tangled mess of frizzes.Fortunately, there are ways t..
14 Jan Getting the Most Out of Your Blender
Rishabh 1 433
Whether you’re a veteran chef with a dependable machine you’ve had for years, or a novice with a brand new out-of-the-box model, there’s no denying that a few tips could be useful if you want to get the best out of your blender. Some of these you may..
02 Jan New Year, New Home, New Appliances
Rishabh 0 424
A New Year brings new changes, new opportunities, and new challenges. But for a select few of us, the New Year can sometimes bring us a fresh start in the form of a brand-new home.As far as a start to the New Year goes, a new home can be a pretty ja..
25 Dec Christmas Treats You Can Make at Home
0 384
Christmas is upon us, and we’re all busy with shopping, gifts, decorations, and all the other little things that makes this holiday so special. But out of all of them, we can agree that it’s the sweets and treats that truly stand out.Whether you’re s..
22 Dec Delicious Rice Cooker Recipes
Rishabh 0 446
We all know how convenient rice cookers can be; all we have to do is throw in a few cups of rice, some water, turn it on, and then leave it do its work. Soon enough, you have a steaming serving of rice that can go perfectly with any meal. But it doe..
20 Dec Tips to Get Rid of Cooking Smells
Rishabh 0 414
We all love the smell of cooking; how many times have our mouths watered when we smelled the scent of something delicious being cooked up in the kitchen? Sumptuous aromas are sometimes the best part about sitting down for a meal (aside from tasting!)..
18 Dec Tips for maintaining your cooking range
Rishabh 0 414
If you’re a proud owner of one of AFRA’s cooking ranges, you must have realized by now that keeping it clean is no small task.Maintaining your cooking range regularly is important. Not only does it keep it looking its best, but it also helps to exten..
16 Dec Laundry Made Easier-Tips to Simplify Your Washing
Rishabh 1 450
We all know how much of a chore laundry work can be. The cycle of sorting, washing, and drying seems to go on and on, with no end in sight.The only way we can hope to free ourselves from this endless tedium is to have a machine that can handle all th..
15 Dec How to Help Your Washing Machine Last Longer
Rishabh 0 442
We can all thank washing machines for helping us cope with the tedious task of washing our clothes. Whether it’s regular wear like t-shirts, trousers, and jeans, to other fabrics like towels, bed sheets and curtains, there’s no denying these machines..
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