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About Us

Afra is a part of the AWS Group, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. AWS was founded by Mr. Abdulwahed Bin Shabib and currently holds several brands in fields such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, groceries, and catering, as well as non-food categories like healthcare, real estate, and engineering.

Afra is one of the latest brands formed under the AWS Group, and is a fast-growing consumer electronics brand inspired by Japanese innovations and launched with the aim of providing home electronics and appliances that are both high quality and dependable, at attractive prices.

Afra fields innovative, long-lasting products to suit the needs of a modern home and add value to everyday life, all while utilizing the latest technology. Reliability is important to us, as is durability, ease of operation and safety.

Customer satisfaction is one of our primary aims  Afra’s products are inspected and tested for quality and function.

Afra’s website is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. We aim to provide a one-stop online shopping experience that’s efficient and convenient, with safe and secure payment and after-purchase services with flexible options.