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Hair Dryer

·         High-Powered Performance: Boasting an impressive 1200W, our face steamer delivers a potent burst of steam, ensuring a spa-like experience right in the comfort of your home.·         Anti-Scald Head: Pamper ..
AED 71.00
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·         Powerful Performance: Boasting a robust 2300W DC Motor, this hair dryer delivers professional-level power for fast drying and styling.·         Customizable Settings: Enjoy the freedom to tailor your styli..
AED 73.00
Ex Tax:AED 69.52
Travel Hair Dryer with sharp, stylish design. Perfect for drying and protecting your hair, and creating smooth hairstyles however you want it, whenever you want it. Suitable for almost all types of hair.2 speeds & 2 heat settings available. Can be easily set according to your preference, helpin..
AED 48.00
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Hair dryer powered by durable DC motor. Dries and protects your hair quickly and conveniently. Suitable for almost all types of hair.Temperature settings ranging from cool, low, and hot, helping you achieve the style that’s right for you.Cool shot button provides glossy and frizz-free hairstyles. Co..
AED 70.00
Ex Tax:AED 66.67
DC motor hair dryer perfect for drying hair quickly and without damage. Powerful airflow maximizes drying performance and reduces styling time.2 speeds and 3 heat settings available and easy-to-set at your convenience.Cool shot function available, suitable for drying and varied styling.Features a co..
AED 64.00
Ex Tax:AED 60.95
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