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Medical Devices

         Dual Functionality: Versatile design  can be used for measuring temperatures in both the ear canal and on the forehead, offering flexibility in usage. ·         Rapid and Efficient: Provides fast readings without th..
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Digital display is clear and easy to read. Flexible tip allows for easy, safe, and hassle-free placement. Can be used orally, rectally or in underarm.Durable and break resistant.Water resistant design and construction. Device gives instant results for quick and easy diagnosis.Switch between Cels..
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Nebulizer turns liquid medicine into vapors for easy inhalation. Comes with replacement medicine cup that can be easily fitted without hassle. Medicine cup capacity 8 ml. Mute design reduces any unnecessary noise and ensures smooth and quiet operation. Dual power supply via b..
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Nasal aspirator designed to quickly and safely remove nasal obstructions or foreign bodies. Designed for use with infants and children.Silicone probes are soft and comfortable to use in any condition. 3 options available for different age groups. Probes can be sterilized for further use. Features ..
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