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"AFRA Bench Grinder, 150x20mm, 400W, 2980RPM Silent Induction Motors With Ball Bearing, Adjustable Eye Shield and Spark Deflector, LED Light With Independent Switch, AFT-20-150BGRD, 1-Year Warranty Rated Input Power:S1: 250WS2: 400W (10 minutes)Rated Voltage: 230-240V~Rated Frequency: 50HzMotor..
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·         Multifunction knife with multiple functions: Knife blade, corkscrew, bottle opener with screwdriver, can opener, star head screwdriver, scissor, file, small saw, and thread/wire tool.·         Knife blade i..
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The AFRA Angle Grinder boasts a powerful 850W motor, delivering precise performance with a no-load speed of 12000r/min for various applications.Featuring a 100mm disc diameter and M14 shaft size, this grinder strikes the perfect balance between versatility and precision, suitable for a wide range of..
AED 125.00
Ex Tax:AED 119.05
Powerful Performance: The AFRA 10mm Electric Drill, boasting a robust 450W motor, delivers reliable and efficient drilling performance for various applications.Voltage and Speed: Operating at a rated voltage of 220-240V, this electric drill achieves a versatile no-load speed of 0-3300 r/min, providi..
AED 100.00
Ex Tax:AED 95.24
Efficient Power: The AFRA 110MM Marble Cutter, powered by a 1480W motor, ensures efficient and fast cutting performance.Voltage and Speed: With a rated voltage of 220-240v and a no-load speed of 12000r/min, this cutter provides a stable power supply for rapid cutting.Blade Diameter: Featuring a 110m..
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Powerful Performance: The AFRA 115mm Angle Grinder boasts a robust 1400W motor, delivering powerful and efficient performance for various cutting and grinding tasks.Voltage and Speed Control: Operating at a rated voltage of 220-240V, this angle grinder features a variable no-load speed ranging from ..
AED 192.00
Ex Tax:AED 182.86
The AFRA 120MM Hand Mixer, powered by a potent 1850W motor, is designed for efficient and uniform mixing in various applications.Operating at a rated voltage of 220-240v and a no-load speed ranging from 0 to 700r/min, this hand mixer provides versatility for different mixing needs.Weighing 4.6kg (ne..
AED 333.00
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The AFRA 120MM Hand Mixer, powered by a robust 1300W motor, is a versatile tool designed for smooth and efficient mixing.Operating at a rated voltage of 220-240v and a no-load speed ranging from 0 to 1100r/min, this hand mixer offers flexibility for various mixing applications.Weighing 5kg (net weig..
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The AFRA 125MM Angle Grinder 900W is a powerhouse designed for industrial use, equipped with features that make it stand out in terms of performance and durability.Boasting a robust 900W motor, this angle grinder operates at a no-load speed of 12000r/min, delivering exceptional power and precision f..
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Precision Power: The AFRA 12MM Router 2200W is a high-powered tool designed for precision routing tasks.Power and Voltage: With a formidable 2200W motor and a rated voltage of 220-240v, this router delivers exceptional cutting performance.Variable Speed Control: The no-load speed ranges from 6000 to..
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Ex Tax:AED 301.90
Powerful Performance: The AFRA 12V 1.5Ah Li-ion Battery 10mm Cordless Impact Drill is designed for high-performance drilling tasks, powered by a 12V 1.5mAh (Brush-less Lithium) battery.Variable Speed Control: With a no-load speed range of 0-450/0-1450rpm/min and a 2-speed mechanical gear, this cordl..
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Ex Tax:AED 196.19
Powerful Performance: The AFRA 12V Cordless Pistol Impact Drill Driver is equipped with a robust 12V 1.5mAh (Brush-less Lithium) motor, providing reliable and high-performance drilling for various applications.Variable Speed Control: With a versatile no-load speed range of 0-450/0-1450rpm/min and 2-..
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