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Air Compressor

·         Exceptional Power: Boasting a commanding 2.0hp motor, this air compressor is a powerhouse, designed to tackle the most demanding pneumatic applications with ease.·         Versatile Work Speed: With a work..
AED 2,459.00
Ex Tax:AED 2,341.90
·         Industrial Powerhouse: The robust 3hp/2.2kw motor ensures formidable power, making it the go-to choice for demanding industrial applications.·         Adaptive Work Speed: With a variable work speed rangin..
AED 3,149.00
Ex Tax:AED 2,999.05
·         Powerful Performance: Equipped with a robust 1.5hp motor, this air compressor ensures a reliable and efficient performance for a variety of applications.·         Versatile Operation: With a work speed ran..
AED 819.00
Ex Tax:AED 780.00
·         Industrial Powerhouse: Boasting a robust 5hp/4.0kw motor, this air compressor is designed for heavy-duty applications, ensuring continuous, high-performance operation.·         Versatile Speed Control: With..
AED 5,419.00
Ex Tax:AED 5,160.95
·         Powerful Performance: Armed with a formidable 1.5hp motor, this air compressor delivers raw power for demanding applications, ensuring you get the job done efficiently.·         Adaptable Work Speed: Offeri..
AED 1,009.00
Ex Tax:AED 960.95
·         Industrial Powerhouse: Boasting a formidable 10hp/7.5kw motor, this air compressor delivers unparalleled power for heavy-duty applications, ensuring optimal performance in every task.·         Versatile Ope..
AED 8,189.00
Ex Tax:AED 7,799.05
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