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Cutting & Woodworking

The AFRA 405MM Chain Saw, powered by a robust 2200W motor, is a reliable and high-performance tool for cutting and pruning tasks.Operating at a rated voltage of 220-240v, this chain saw achieves a no-load speed of 1200R/MIN, providing a perfect balance of power and speed.Weighing 6kg (net weight) an..
AED 366.00
Ex Tax:AED 348.57
The AFRA 52CC Grass Cutter is a powerful 2-stroke tool designed for efficient outdoor work.With a displacement of 52CC and an output power of 1650W, this gasoline-driven grass cutter is suitable for various working environments, providing high-performance results.Featuring a shaft diameter of 26mm a..
AED 418.00
Ex Tax:AED 398.10
Efficient and Versatile: The AFRA 55MM Jig Saw 450W is a reliable tool designed for precision cutting tasks.Power and Voltage: Powered by a 450W motor and rated at 220-240v, this jig saw delivers consistent and efficient cutting performance.No-Load Speed: With a no-load speed of 3100r/min, the jig s..
AED 119.00
Ex Tax:AED 113.33
Powerful and Efficient Operation: The AFRA Wood Trimmer features a robust 710W motor, ensuring powerful and efficient cutting performance for woodworking tasks.Voltage and Load Speed: Operating at a rated voltage of 220-240V~, this wood trimmer has a variable load speed ranging from 10000 to 30000r/..
AED 231.00
Ex Tax:AED 220.00
The AFRA 65MM Jig Saw, powered by a 500W motor, offers versatile and efficient cutting for various applications.With a rated voltage of 220-240v and a variable no-load speed ranging from 500 to 3000r/min, this jig saw provides flexibility for different cutting tasks.Featuring a 65mm blade size, the ..
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Ex Tax:AED 256.19
The AFRA 82MM Planer, featuring a powerful 600W motor, is designed for efficient and precise planing operations.Operating at a rated voltage of 220-240v and a no-load speed of 16000r/min, this planer ensures high-speed performance for various woodworking tasks.Weighing 3kg (net weight) and measuring..
AED 186.00
Ex Tax:AED 177.14
Efficiently designed for various tasks, the AFRA Blower 550W stands out with its performance and features.With a powerful 550W motor, this blower delivers reliable and effective performance.Operating at a rated voltage of 220-240v, it ensures a stable power supply for consistent operation.Offering v..
AED 114.00
Ex Tax:AED 108.57
Rated Voltage: 220-240VNo-load Speed: 5600r/minRated Power Input: 1100WRated Frequency: 50/60HzBlade Diameter: 185mmNet Weight: 3.6kgGross Weight: 4.75kgDimension: 26.6 x 30.5 x 20.5mmFeatures:Light-weight modelAdjustable bevel cutting angle around 0-45°..
AED 250.00
Ex Tax:AED 238.10
Rated Voltage: 230VMotor Speed: 2800r/minRated Power Input: 2000WRated Frequency: 50HzSaw Blade Size: 315x30x2.5mmTable Size: 800x550mmCutting Tilting Range: 0~45°Net Weight: 44kgGross Weight: 50kgDimension: 870 x 600 x 430mmFeatures:Powerful induction motorHand wheel to adjust the height of the saw..
AED 1,291.00
Ex Tax:AED 1,229.52
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