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Trimmer & Shaver

Rechargeable trimmer is simple and easy to use. Provides clean and fast trim and saves time. Suitable for all daily needs. 600Ma lithium battery provides 3 hours of use when fully charged. Fast charging up to 90% of power in 1.5 hours. Battery is fully charged in 2 hours. Sleek and ergonomic design ..
AED 42.00
Ex Tax:AED 40.00
5 in 1 grooming set with rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Suitable for all kinds of shaving, for any situation or need. Stainless steel blade is precise and durable. Ensures smooth and even trimming. Swappable trimmer blades ensure you have the right tool for the job. Includes shaver, precision tri..
AED 52.00
Ex Tax:AED 49.52
Rechargeable multifunction beauty kit with lithium-ion battery. Suitable for all kinds of skin. Heads are swappable, ensuring you always have the right tools for the job at hand. Ergonomic design is easy to use and comfortable. Charging base provides convenient and safe storage for trimmer and acces..
AED 73.00
Ex Tax:AED 69.52
Nose Trimmer perfectly trims hairs with precision. Stainless steel head operates without snagging or pulling hairs for a pleasant grooming experience. Ergonomic design made from ABS plastic is easy to handle. Compact design is convenient to carry, as well as safe and easy to operate. Comes with USB ..
AED 20.00
Ex Tax:AED 19.05
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